UNCS ensures that the financial transactions are beneficial on all sides for the supplier, store and shopper.

The company experience, vast network of partners and its technology promises uncompromised service

Manufacturers and distributors use UNCS to sell their goods, even when those products pose a challenge.

UNCS carefully selects the right products for its clients based on their needs and market demand.

UNCS is able to pass deep savings on to clients because of its long-standing partnerships with vendors forged over the past 14 years.  These partnerships allow UNCS to maximize purchasing power and in combination with an optimized, industry standard supply chain, our clients can maximize profit. 

UNCS believes in the “life-long-transaction” and takes pride in building relationships, not just “doing deals”. The UNCS team takes the time to understand the specific goals of our vendors and loyal customers, including brick-and-mortar retail stores and e-commerce enterprises so that it can strive to deliver the greatest customer service in the industry.


United National Consumer Suppliers (UNCS) moves products. UNCS is a wholesale distribution company that sources products worldwide and strategically places them within consumer markets with the highest efficiency. 

The UNCS mission is to offer unsurpassed, customized service and use forward-thinking innovation to provide outside-the-box solutions to manufacturers who need to move merchandise. Whether it’s overstock, package change, past season, closeouts, excess goods or other opportunities, UNCS can help.

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