There are many vendors and manufacturers who would like to place their products with independent online re-sellers, while there are others who restrict this channel all together. UNCS understands and respects any and all wishes or restrictions. 

Whether working with independent websites or Amazon retailers, UNCS has the experience to serve your needs. UNCS does business with hundreds of online retailers.  It understands the fast pace of internet sales, comparisons and end-user customer expectations.  

Much of the success of an online retailer’s product sales is in “the buy”.  The UNCS team specializes in understanding the potential success of a product for a client’s online store.  Price comparisons, popularity level, product ratings, and other key factors have already been carefully considered before UNCS presents a product opportunity.

UNCS understands that speed is of the essence when running online businesses.  Trends and customer behavior affects product pricing, attractiveness and sales immediately. This is why the UNCS team ensures that special consideration is given to how it services its internet retail customers.  Shipping, payments, packaging and logistics is customized as needed and UNCS can ensure FBA compliance as well.