The UNCS distribution network is global and continues to expand. It currently also operates in over 20 warehouse locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, California, Utah, Washington, Texas, Georgia, Canada and many more.  Its network of high-quality, carefully selected shipping partners blindly bid on its business to ensure lowest cost which UNCS passes on to its clients.

Work with UNCS once and it will comply with your packaging compliance and distribution restrictions going forward. Given its financial strength, UNCS can provide its most trusted clients with payment terms to make transactions easy.

Simply, if a vendor needs to move their products, UNCS can help; if shelves need to be filled, UNCS can curate the right offers. And when doing so, UNCS ensures compliance with the wishes and requirements of both sides: supplier and buyer. UNCS is flexible and will provide consistent on-time delivery, compliant packing, respecting all sales and channel restrictions,  while providing high-margin sales opportunities, when and where needed.

UNCS is committed to the concept of “Total Quality Management” (TQM). This commitment works to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors and clients. TQM means being responsive to client needs by knowing their business and proactively helping them find new and innovative ways to create competitive advantages.

The UNCS logistical support team is unrivaled as it can repackage and customize orders to satisfy the requests of clients. The company uses advanced communication methods and logistics technology to connect a vast network of buyers, warehouses, shipping service providers and account managers to buy, sell and ship goods.