As an Inc. 5,000 company, UNCS is strong, growing and profitable.  There is a reason why manufacturing looks towards working with UNCS. UNCS sells their products. The UNCS team & processes are an industry standard and delivers! The company is proud to represent successful product sales with over 1,000 vendors.

UNCS  helps thousands of manufacturers and distributors sell their products when it matters most.  When faced with product or market challenges, UNCS finds a place to sell and doing so while respecting the brand and existing routes-to-market. 

When UNCS sources products, it lowers the producer’s risk exposure related to their inventory by maximizing sales opportunities. A partnership with UNCS allows vendors to place their goods with the company's retail and online re-seller clients in the event of excess goods, closeouts or other opportunistic product inventory situations.

UNCS is known to increase brand exposure in channels that producers may not normally be familiar with to help gain a competitive advantage. Whether vendors are looking to place products in new geographical markets or different retail profile stores, UNCS is a strategic partner. When partnering with UNCS to sell products at a discount, vendors need not worry about their brand value and market pricing as UNCS can aim at stores that do not advertise and turn product quickly.